Members of European School Club

Hello. I’m Daria Waga and I like singing. My favourite animals are hamsters. I love them!


My name is Weronika Kołodziej. I play the flute and I am very interested in music.


My name is Martyna Sipa and i love swimming. My hobby is playing the piano.


I am Natalia  Nowak and I like singing very much.

I’m Julka Chmielowska. You can call me Juleczka. I’m interested in dancing and singing. I love ice-creams and pizza.

I am Dominika Morańska. I love cats and dancing.

My name is Bartosz Grochalski  I am a very good swimmer. I love English.


My name is Jakub Wojtyła. I am really interested in table tennis.

I am Kuba Urbański. I am good at swimming and I am keen on football.

I’m Miłosz Berent. I love history and science. I am crzay about computers.

I’m Maciek Zaręba and I am very good at playing chess. I can also play the trumpet.

I am Dawid Mkrtchyan. I love football. My favourite footballer is Cristiano Ronaldo.

I am Adam Kożurno. I’m good at football and swimming.

My name is Jakub Jurak. I like swimming and playing football.